Robert Mueller’s Investigation Heats Up As New Evidence Uncovered

A small army of former Justice Department officials banded together this Saturday to sign a letter which declares their support for special counsel Robert Mueller and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein after speculation reignited that Trump could fire them.

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“Many of us served with Robert Mueller and Rod Rosenstein,” the letter reads. “Those of us who served with these men know them to be dedicated public servants committed to these principles.”

“Not only is it an insult to their public service, but any attempt to corrupt or undermine the even-handed application of the rule of law threatens the foundation of our Republic,” the letter continues.

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Mueller’s team also recently acquired proof that President Trump’s personal lawyer made a secret trip to Prague back in the days of the 2016 campaign despite his insistence that he had never been there before, McClatchy confirmed this Friday.

It is uncertain exactly why Michael Cohen visited Prague. But the information was first discussed in a dossier constructed by former British spy Christopher Steele.

Cohen pulled a major bluff when he claimed he had never been to Prague  after the dossier’s release, going so far as to share a photo of his passport on his twitter.

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