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A federal judge came forth this Monday. to deny former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort‘s  recent plea to ease his bail conditions.

Judge rejects Manafort bid to ease bail conditions

District Court Judge Amy Berman Jackson declared that many of the assets Manafort had pushed to post for bail were tied to his pending bank fraud charges against him in a separate case in the Eastern District of Virginia.

Jackson assessed that the bank fraud charges are “not under the jurisdiction of this court and could give rise to remedies outside of this court’s control,” according to a new report from Reuters.

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She stated that Manafort would be eligable to resubmit a new $10 million bail package.

Manafort pleaded not guilty to the charges laid upon him by special counsel Robert Mueller‘s Russia probe. The charges currently held against him include money laundering, tax and bank fraud on top of failing to register as a foreign agent for his Ukraine lobbying work.

The former campaign chairman had unsuccessfully attempted to gather $10 million in assets for bond, in order to loosen his house arrest conditions, amid other legal battles with Mueller’s team.

Manafort had stepped forth this past Friday to file a motion to disregard the evidence that Mueller’s team found in a storage locker in Virginia, claiming that Mueller unlawfully gained access to the business records in the unit.

Meanwhile, it was discovered last week that Mueller had moved to seize three of Manafort’s bank accounts last year, just one day before indicting him.