White House Furious, After Mexican President Delivers Powerful Message To Trump [DETAILS]

The Donald Trump presidency, as we know it, has already begun its descent into nothingness. The implosion has been a “slow burn” of sorts, but the American people are beginning to see the cracks in the foundation that is the Donald Trump White House. And with Congress mulling over impeachment, and Robert Mueller eagerly collecting more and more evidence of collusion and corruption, Trump can feel the walls closing in on him – so, he wants to build new ones. Only this time, he wants them along the Mexican border.

Which is one of the more polarizing promises Trump’s been making since the campaign. And it’s become a major talking point lately, as Donald’s been pushing for it’s completion more and more these days. This week, when reached for comment on the matter, Mexican president, Enrique Peña Nieto, didn’t hold back his true feelings towards the inept President of the United States.
Of Trump, he said, “If your recent statements come from frustration with internal political affairs, with your laws, or with your Congress, talk about them, not about Mexicans. We won’t allow negative rhetoric to define our actions.”
He continued on with his impassioned statement, adding, “The bilateral relationship brings enormous opportunities both countries have to take advantage of. It’s an intense and dynamic relationship that naturally also brings challenges. But those challenges will never justify threatening attitudes or disrespect between our countries.”
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