BREAKING: The White House Is FURIOUS After SNL Mocks Them In A LEGENDARY New Sketch — [VIDEO]

“Saturday Night Live” this weekend took a shot at NBC’s “This is Us” with their own version portraying the Trump administration.

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SNL’s most recent episode broadcast a commercial for a show entitled “This is U.S.”

“Millions of Americans have tuned into the show that’s captivating a nation,” the narrator declares.

The commercial then cuts to Sterling K. Brown portraying the Department of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson.

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“All of it, all of it is wrong,” he explains.

A narrator announces the show as a drama “so unnerving, you can’t look away.”

“This whole thing with the president having sex with a porn star, it just didn’t happen,” SNL’s Sarah Huckabee Sanders suggests during the commercial.

She then gazes down at the podium and sees a note for herself that reads: “Stop Lying Sarah!” and “Seriously, What are you doing?”

The narrator goes on to say “This is U.S.” as the “real-life drama happening in our government every day.”

“The show critics are calling, like ‘This is Us,’ but without the parts that feel good,” the narrator says.

“And of course, there’s hella crying,” a narrator explains, before showing characters crying throughout the skit.

Trump came forth this Saturday to launch an attack against the comedy sketch show alongside Oprah Winfrey during a campaign rally in Pennsylvania, declaring that he hopes the billionaire declares her candidacy for president in 2020.

While giving a speech at a rally for Pennsylvania state Representative Rick Saccone, who is making a run for Congress this year, the president suggested that a Democratic challenge launched against him would be a “painful” experience for Winfrey.