ENRAGED, ‘View’ Co-Hosts SHRED EACH OTHER Over Wife-Battering Trump Aide Rob Porter! [VIDEO]

On The View on Friday, a conversation over when exactly Donald Trump’s Chief of Staff John Kelly found out that White House staff secretary Rob Porter had punched and choked his two ex-wives turned into a shouting match.

Co-hosts Joy Behar, a Democrat, and Meghan McCain, a Republican and daughter of Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), lashed out at each other, each one describing the other as “disrespectful.”

Behar cut off McCain during the conversation, after she asked where the discussion was heading when it came to Republicans in the White House. Behar then poked fun at Kelly for claiming to be “shocked” by the allegations, despite knowing that his right-hand man had failed to pass an FBI background check. That failure resulted in an ongoing temporary security clearance for Porter, which Trump himself approved.

Behar laughed:

Kelly says he was shocked—shocked, I tell you!–when he saw photographs of the abuse. But the White House knew the FBI held up Porter’s security clearance over this a long time ago. This happened. The FBI said he doesn’t have the security clearance because he might have abused these women. But why is Kelly so shocked?

McCain said angrily,

We’re talking about the abuse of a woman. Look at that photo. We should not be laughing at that photo.

Behar shot back:

We’re talking about Kelly. We’re not talking about abuse right now. Don’t say something like that! We are laughing at him being shocked.

“It’s very serious, and as a Republican I am offended…” McCain began, only to be cut off by Behar:

As a Democrat, I’m offended by Republicans.



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