The REAL Reason Trump REFUSES To Read Democratic Memo REVEALED – It’s WORSE Than We Thought!

Not that Trump doesn’t plan on allowing to the memo to be released, or even that he would like to maintain the bias that he has been advocating; instead, President Trump is not reading the memo because he feels it is too lengthy.

It took President Trump “several hours” to read the 4-page document when it was delivered to him by White House Chief of Staff John Kelly; and now that Trump is about to view the Democrats’ response to the Nunes Memo, the painstaking labor of reading the 10-page document is far too daunting of a task for the President.

Kelly has said that instead of reading the memo in its entirety, Trump will “be briefed on it later today,” as Kaitlan Collins reported. However, as to actually reading the Democratic Memo, Kelly remarked, “No, no. It is quite lengthy.”

The Nunes memo has already been debunked in more than one way, and the Democratic response may still undo more of it. Trump claims that the Nunes memo “vindicates” him, even as House Speaker Paul Ryan and House Intelligence Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy says that it certainly does not.

But Trump also made up his mind about the Nunes memo before he even read it. So, if Trump wants to show real fairness, he doesn’t need to read the Democratic memo either—just approve it the same way.

He’d also be an idiot not to release it. The entire Republican-led House Intelligence Committee decided on releasing the memo, showing at least the illusion of bipartisanship when it comes to the intelligence committee. If Trump doesn’t release the memo, it just solidifies that he is more interested in slandering the FBI than he is about facts.

The Nunes Memo has repeatedly been debunked, in more than one way – and the Democratic response to the memo stands to undo even more of it. The President has claimed that the Nunes Memo “vindicates” him, despite the fact that even House Speaker Paul Ryan and House Intelligence Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy say that is certainly not the case.

Trump, however, had already made up his mind regarding the Nunes Memo before even having the chance to read it. Should Trump decide not to release the Democratic Memo, he would be at odds with the entire Republican-led House Intelligence Committee, who decided unanimously that the memo should be released.

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In a corrected Tweet, Collins states that Trump will read the Tweet, but not until after the briefing: