Seth Meyers Has a Field Day With TRUMP’S BALDNESS, and We’re STILL Laughing! [VIDEO]

On Wednesday night, Seth Meyers said he usually prides himself on providing “depth, insight, and clarity” on issues facing Americans—then, “something like this happens”—and introduced a new segment called “Let’s Get Petty.”

What he was talking about was the viral video of Trump claiming the stairs to Air Force One just as wind gusts blow his hair around—revealing a shockingly bald head, with long strands attached at the base. His entire head of hair seemed to be nothing but a comb-over:

“Wow dude,” Meyers started off gleefully. “Well I guess there’s one draft you couldn’t dodge,” referring to Trump’s infamous “bones spurs” that he used as an excuse for draft deferment. From there he proceeded to unload on the president with childish insult after childish insult:

Hey, Trump, where are you going? Bald?

And you thought CNN was giving you bad coverage.

It’s like a mullet, except nobody showed up to the party in the back.

This explains why he’s so intent on keeping the coal industry alive; look what wind does to him!

I’ve seen more hair on a sonogram.

You spend so much time lying in bed that you have no hair on the back of your head; this is literally what happens to babies.

It’s like on Let’s Make a Deal, when you open Door No. 1 and there’s nothing there.

Petty? Probably. But it was cathartic as well.

Other late night hosts also jumped into the pool of mockery. Spend a few minutes laughing. It will do you good!

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