Watch Paul Ryan INSTANTLY Become the Laughingstock of the Country [Video]

House Speaker Paul Ryan could be the next Republican to announce his resignation if he continues down his current path.  He came under ridicule this week over a tweet he had posted praising the GOP tax scam because he had spoken to a woman who was thrilled about the extra $1.50 in her paycheck.  Ryan added that it would “more than cover her Costco membership.”

Ryan later deleted the tweet after he had realized that it helped his opponent raise campaign funds.  Check out proof of Ryan’s tweet below:

This week at the House GOP leadership press conference, Ryan ran into a question about the tweet, and he quickly changed the subject after a chuckle at his own expense.

Ryan stated, “You know what I know.”  He continued, “The average family of four in America is getting a $2000 tax cut. You know what I know, we got billions of dollars going into bonuses.”

The whopping $2,000 cut between four people is only for the first year.  After year one, it reduces annually.

Where are the billions in bonuses?  As of now, a handful of businesses have handed out one-time $1,000 bonuses to employees who offered their first child.

Watch the clip below:

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