Bill Maher Makes Mockery Of White House And Americans Are LOVING It

“I don’t want to be an ‘I told you so,’ but you knew this was going to happen when you elected Hillary,” Maher mocked. “Wow! No shame in their game. When Obama was president and spending needed to happen, they fought every godd*mn penny. But they open right up for the white guy. In D.C. that’s called the reverse Kardashian. But you know this about Republicans they’re great about just coming up with a new rule. They just pull a new rule out of their ass.”

The host joked that the new Republican rule on debt is that it’s acceptable as long as they complain and denounce it while increasing the debt ceiling.

“As long as you fight this with every fibre of your being then it’s OK,” Maher said. “It’s like gay sex and collusion.”

Maher went on to make fun of Omarosa’s appearance on “Celebrity Big Brother”, saying the White House has transformed her into Marlon Brando and even took a jab at President Donald Trump’s hair — or lack thereof.

Watch the opener below:

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